What is the problem?

Quite by chance, a stranger to me guy - Renat, wrote me in Vkontakte next message:

Which at the moment are the problems in St. Petersburg`s Parkour?

Not reflection decided to write on this subject extended response, as well as the opposite message - children looking video of gop-tracers, killed himself on the streets doing acrobatic tricks - Renat is not impressed.

Yes, the problem is acute in many cities of Russia, and indeed the world, too, but it is in Russian Parkour, I see the wrong perception of Parkour.

Sample. I was go home from the University across car park. Two guys, 14 years old was trying to monkey through the car hood, but the result is a curve of two hand. Passing by guys, one of them said, - "Listen, skip it monkey, go flip twist". Not thinking second and has already agreed to in a minute, he did somersaults forward with granite parapet in asphalt, hard-landed on the coccyx.

Why so? While agreeing that go to the gym may not everybody, not only for reasons of money and free time - someone working, someone is learning, and so on. But it is time «flip twist», and, probably, has time to see how they make the more experienced tracers online. If we exclude acrostreeters, then for each such trecer is, let a small, but some experience in Parkour, and even in gymnastics. Remember how in the song singing: «Before I fly, I must learn to fall»?

People who do not quite understand his actions, not knowing any techniques or precautions, intense in the wrong place for learning acrobatic elements. There are guys more «advanced», they are different elevations near the lawn or artificially reconstituted sand pits. Yes, landing softer, but you can break your neck here. Do you think these guys know the technical aspects of thoughts, tips to find a professional article? No. At least the majority.

They go to the hospital, parents are spending money on the operation, they undergo a long period of rehabilitation, often attempt to continue. But family members relate to this already very different - Parkour and injure any benefit from it can not draw. What's the problem? In that originally elected the wrong way.

During the city shares «select sports!» CCM 6-7 in September, I had the talk with a lot of people, including parents of the younger generation who are interested in Parkour. Just five minutes to explain to adults what is Parkour, as are training and what the rules should stick to anythingt trauma dangerous for child - five minutes!

In PKSPA we think of one project, which will help to learn about Parkour on the other hand, from its roots to modern trends, but this has not a word to anyone, for announce and carry out closer to winter. I now look forward to your comments and opinions.

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