Forbidden Parkour

On 11 April this year, at 10:03 Moscow time, on the main Parkour forum Ukraine was the mixed message that, in the Ivano-Frankovsk banned Parkour. According to witnesses, police patrols detain tracers and take them on the day of ZCTU and also asked to talk about other «jumper-vandals», that «tool» in a given area. But that's not all, at all, so-called «violators» penalty for mass vandalism. Such cases, as it turned out, there are not only in the Ivano-Frankivsk, but also in Kharkiv and Dnipro.

April 12, the Ukrainian broadcaster Channel STB made very sad to Ukraine tracers message - «Parkur officially forbidden». So here is simple and convincing.

Now look above written information. Firstly it is totally up to date, requiring a thorough and objective inspection. tracers might like to take the ZCTU for an administrative offense, or for entering private land. But - so the events were observed in several cities, said that some of the systemic approach of the executive branch. In response - second in front of us develops a clear misunderstanding of and disrespect for the people involved. What actually is notorious vandalism? On this issue, according to a Ukrainian tracers, guardian of the order have not been able to give a clear answer. However, tracers now equate to conventional attacked by vandals?

Quote of the correspondence tracers Ukraine:

aile: almost a week ago a friend told me that the cops ran after them, the type that tracers catch. Just an hour later I was in the yard squad cops and said I do not know where the jump-type yamakisi, and how long they are going. I said that do not know what we have ...
taile: the next day the same story, only I had asked why the catch?
Ar@mis: Uh-huh
taile: I answered that because bastards all scrap topchut just planted lawns, ports painted benches and benches, all the same city are preparing for holidays
Ar@mis: Hmm ...
taile: yesterday caught 5 of these ... in Police car, and taken away. simply there, and this factor is that, seeing the cops, begin to flee the small, or that, or this ...
Ar@mis: do you think this is the reason?
taile: ment to do that? they too are starting to run low ... I do not think I know .... and I know already because of all those ...
in my eyes broken benches, even the windows smashed, run out on other people's balconies, knocking at the window and fled. Well, who can enjoy it?
I will jump, not even fear .. because I do not break anything and does not damage, and all will be able to calmly explain
Ar@mis: I am afraid that they would be asking too much if you find that you fit within the description ...
taile: I am afraid that too ... ..

Time for that matter, why not outlaw scooter, sk8ters and other members of an extreme subculture? It is also somewhat vandals, for example, ever deleted handrails hands of their cause. Finally, - the third such statements on TV is to believe in the same, how would you have believed in the invasion of alien race to Earth. By personal experience working on television to say that it was said it was for the red word, so that people watched and believed. Grab the official ban and a social mechanism, as the youth movement in a modern society with a democratic form of government is simply impossible, because it is a direct violation of constitutional rights. Therefore, the Ukrainian treyseram not much boggle such illusory, and perhaps even imaginary threat. But if you are - so people came in the form, it should be courteous and clearly explain what you do best and try to solve this problem diplomatically. Believe me, you are polite, courteous, and you just do not forget about it.

And finally let me finish the old Latin phrase - «Consultor homini tempus utilissimus», which means «time - a useful guide man». So, wait-see friends.

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