All parkour songs and music

In the World Wide Web, spread a lot of songs about Parkour, and today I decided to collect most of this:

Songs about Parkour:

RnB Family - Songs about Parkour
N.R.G. - Go-go
N.R.G. - Power
Da Budz - Vollume 2.0

Decade - This is Parkour
Darkmonk - Heart of Tracer
METAN - Tracer
InterHop Arslan - Le Parkour(rus)
The Takkda - No Borders
Emilien - The sweetness of adrenaline
Pronobozo - Parkour
Ber-linn - Wind breaks in the face
Robots dont cry - Le Parkour
PARK - Parkour
Darkmonk - Philosophy of Parkour
Le Parkour - Adrenaline
Plamia (FFB) - Our Parkour
MarsL (ft. MC ZAK) - Parkour
1take - In the rhythm of you (about a tracer-girl)
Stels - Who We Are
The Holod - Tracers
The Holod - Parkour
Risky - Parkour

Music associated with Parkour:

Da Octopusss - Motors (Musique Du Film)
Da Octopusss - Banlieue 13 (Musique Du Film)
Da Octopusss - Straight
Da Octopusss - Resistant
Yamakasi - Shela
Defiant Days - He is not God
Defiant Days - This is heaven for you
That list will be updated.

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Prototype Game music

On the MySpace-page Sonic Mayhem, the musical project of Sasha Dikisiyana, a few Prototype Game music - joint with Chris Velasco soundtrack for the next game superheroy open-world (out of similar projects can be distinguished from the former developers of Crackdown and GTA fresh inFamous). As can be seen on the compositions, Sasha and Chris once again pleased the audience portion of a mediocre Symphony electronics. However, recently other guys did not write.

Listen songs:

And a little later I publish full album of music from this game.

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Prototype game 2009 ENG


from torrent:

or by 4 parts:

Year: 2009
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
System requirements: Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows ® XP (with Service Pack 3) and DirectX ® 9.0c or (Windows Vista ® with Service Pack 2)
Video Card: 256MB, compatible with DirectX 9.0, with support for pixel shader version 3
Processor: Pentium ® Intel Core ® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM for Windows ® XP / 2 GB Windows ® Vista systems
Place on the hard disk: 8 GB 500MB (for the add. File)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0-compatible sound card with
Drive: DVD-ROM

100% Windows ® XP / Vista - compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers
100% Windows ® XP / Vista - compatible 4X DVD-ROM drive or higher (600 K / sec) and driver

>Recommended video cards for Windows ® XP and Vista:
All NVIDIA ® GeForce ™ 7800 256 MB or higher
All ATI ® Radeon ™ X1800 256 MB or above.
Type of publication: license
Language: English only
Crack: Present

Description: Who am I and who turned me into a car to kill? To find the answers to these difficult questions, the main character Alex Mercer PROTOTYPE must survive in a brutal battle kromeshnom hell. You can look at the world through the eyes of merciless mutant, devoid of memory, and living alone, the thirst for vengeance to those who transformed it into a monster. Your path will face many obstacles, but none of them are not able to stop the powerful antigeroya. Destroy, blow up, kill and get to the truth at any cost!
At your disposal are a truly unique capability. Alex does not know anything about his past, but wholly owned by this. Ruthlessly destroying anyone who becomes a nuisance, he assigns his memories and skills, becoming more powerful. He - a prototype of inhumane weapons, created by unknown and unclear for what purpose. Battling on two fronts - the professional military and the infected mutants, a hero with your help to unravel the plot and make the guilty pay off the account.

Prototype game
- Streets of New York. The action takes place in contemporary New York, overcrowded vehicles and people.
- A living city is responding to the shooting pain and bloody fights.
- Obstacle course. Alex moves around the city, using the methods of Parkour. As the hero - much more than just people, insurmountable obstacles for him did not exist.
- The absolute weapon. Alex literally absorbs abilities and «physical essence» of each prostrate enemy, becoming more powerful.
- The death and destruction. You can throw in New York into chaos. Spread to the entire detachments of enemies, sow panic and destroy everything around with the help of heavy artillery - tanks «Abrams» and helicopters «Apache».
- At the height of technology. The basis Prototype game is a new graphics engine Titanium, Developed by Radical Entertainments.
Extras. Information: Gris Version: 1.0

How to play:

1. Prototype game download
2. Mount image
3. Install the game
4. Copy crack the folder with the game.
5. Enjoy =)

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TC Russian Extreme

Characters - The young team of Moscow The Searchers: Hohlov Roman and Oleg Makhnev. Do not stretch a quiet music video, which was prepared jointly with the TC «Russian Extreme». Whether you're looking for.

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Parkour game

To the question «How you train spend?» Can provide a large number of responses. You can walk all day on a fence, real-balance. You can hold a whole day at the horizontal bar, trying to make the maximum amount of output power for one approach. You can jump over one rail five different ways and do so for a long time in order to improve the technical arsenal. Continue this series of examples can be long: strength, endurance, coordination, speed, PFD, etc. But now want to talk about Parkour game, the method of training.
PC gamers and PS3 fans can relax. These releases, as the Mirror's Edge, or Assassin's Creed today will not be affected.
A striking example of the use of focus in his game training video shown at the French. It was captured by the project Behind The Jump from Parkour Generations. The aim of the three tracers been through 5 hops to pass on the five cross without using their hands and did not come to earth. If dropped, no matter at what location - at the beginning or end, it is necessary to start anew. It seemed that the rules are very simple, but not everyone can perform this exercise the first time, provided that there is a cross between some other obstacles. Watch the video to not be verbose.

Stephane Vigroux correctly observed that, when jumping on the accuracy, even for a limited plane (cross), you will need a good concentration on the object to which you're going to jump. The availability of tracers, your team or just friends, one way or another, you are distracted, not necessarily the words or jokes. This is confusing, relaxes the mind and affect the result.
We want to raise the topic of the competition. The Parkour game, in this case, does not imply competition. In a friendly atmosphere, in the presence of certain conditions, each of the participants showed their ability to use the marked limitations in favor of the result, ie in spite of the framework, you still dobeshsya the desired result. To be so in the 15th attempt or the third, a positive result - this is when you deal with the problem, not oriented to time and speed. Although the last two qualities will come with practice.
What other variations of the game you can think of? Immediately to mind comes «lesenka», or the so-called «dobavlyalki». I can not say that, but many in high school played in lesenku to pull on the breaks in the gym. For those who are spared this fun, tell the meaning. Participants in turn pull on the crossbar. First once, then 2, then three and so on. When, for example, prior to 10 times more members to perform pull decreasing, ie to 9, and 8 and to the unit. Those who will surrender at any stage left. It can be repeated several times until your hands do not fall off. I know a fellow who, in their spare time and now. But let us return to the topic. In Parkour is fun, too applicable. For example, the same leaps in accuracy: First, you can increase the number or length, and then decrease, while the direction of the next jump is limited to only a place for training.
«Dobavlyalki», in my experience, came from the trampolines. They perform various kinds pirouette on the trampoline and the next adds to the element preceding something. Those who will not be able to repeat any part of a series of flies, and when only one - everything starts from scratch. With respect to the Parkour «dobavlyalki» can be used for all tracks treyserami who participate in the process.
If «Lesenka» focuses on the concentration, technique and concentration, the «dobavlyalki» influence on creative thinking. Each of us in the head has its own set of elements and ways to overcome obstacles, look at things, so at the same place we are training all look in different ways. If you made after the Monkey element Reverse, your friend sees the next step Speed. And you have to adjust technically in this connection, but you are looking for a creative continuation of the road, because, perhaps, before you this is not considered.
So, gather friends and invent Parkour game, record and analyze the progress his training. If you have your gameplay with your friends or without them - to share, will be interesting to read

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Practical Physical Training or PPT

All the good time of day, today I would like to continue with the series of training materials for your attention and reflection.
Many of you have probably encountered the same problem: despite the long preparation, the element does not work, although all the necessary data for this is. For example, do not get out of force of two hands on the wall when you can make a horizontal bar at the five and the draw 15 times. Or, jump farther than 9ti feet, though you can sit about 200 times. Why is this happening? Everything is simple - regular GPE (general physical education) for Parkour insufficient, needed to exercise that specifically designed for Parkour and its derivatives are.
Training of general training, of course, necessary. Especially newcomers who came to Parkour without any sporting past. I would say even more people come not from the sport in general physical training, in general, is to put the entire first year of training, if not more (depending on the degree of neglect). «And what then?», - May ask you. Then I suggest you GPE (general physical education) gradually synthesized with power training. This is not training body as it sounds at first glance. This same practice of the movement, but those aspects that require our serious physical effort, such bildering (which speeds up the process into the output power, no matter at what stage it is: from creeping with the elbow and to exit at the hands of two fingers ), passage routes, Tree climbing (on this below), a large number of jumps in the rate of ... Yes, an infinite number of things that our forces eat =). You can simply hang on the wall in the position ketlip and creeped along it, you can instead of the usual balance of pass it ketom, this will add a decent load on the hands ... I think the essence of you understand. And now to your attention a couple of examples of such training.
Tree climbing - first introduced me to this thing Nikolai Reactiv Stasolik that for themselves, and it opened. The bottom line is passing through the horizontal alignment of the face at a small distance from each other by trees. Stretching, strength-hand coordination ... and simply, it is interesting and fun, you need only find this in your area. An example can be seen here in this video, just as performance Reagents (1:40)
Game «Tasks». Scope - given the task and condition. Tasks need to perform without violating the condition. He saw here - . Very pleased Americans idea.
And as a third option - my own idea, about which I have argued with many friends. Exercise without the jumps. The objectives of all but one condition - you can not jump. The only exception - running, which in theory is also considered a series of jumps from one leg to another. Force on a train takes three times longer than usual, and for the first time very unusual. However, when the learn to be a very significant increase in smoothness.
Today all. Trains, improvises, offering its ways;)
P. S. Healthy criticism and appropriate questions on the topic are welcome.

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