Practical Physical Training or PPT

All the good time of day, today I would like to continue with the series of training materials for your attention and reflection.
Many of you have probably encountered the same problem: despite the long preparation, the element does not work, although all the necessary data for this is. For example, do not get out of force of two hands on the wall when you can make a horizontal bar at the five and the draw 15 times. Or, jump farther than 9ti feet, though you can sit about 200 times. Why is this happening? Everything is simple - regular GPE (general physical education) for Parkour insufficient, needed to exercise that specifically designed for Parkour and its derivatives are.
Training of general training, of course, necessary. Especially newcomers who came to Parkour without any sporting past. I would say even more people come not from the sport in general physical training, in general, is to put the entire first year of training, if not more (depending on the degree of neglect). «And what then?», - May ask you. Then I suggest you GPE (general physical education) gradually synthesized with power training. This is not training body as it sounds at first glance. This same practice of the movement, but those aspects that require our serious physical effort, such bildering (which speeds up the process into the output power, no matter at what stage it is: from creeping with the elbow and to exit at the hands of two fingers ), passage routes, Tree climbing (on this below), a large number of jumps in the rate of ... Yes, an infinite number of things that our forces eat =). You can simply hang on the wall in the position ketlip and creeped along it, you can instead of the usual balance of pass it ketom, this will add a decent load on the hands ... I think the essence of you understand. And now to your attention a couple of examples of such training.
Tree climbing - first introduced me to this thing Nikolai Reactiv Stasolik that for themselves, and it opened. The bottom line is passing through the horizontal alignment of the face at a small distance from each other by trees. Stretching, strength-hand coordination ... and simply, it is interesting and fun, you need only find this in your area. An example can be seen here in this video, just as performance Reagents (1:40)
Game «Tasks». Scope - given the task and condition. Tasks need to perform without violating the condition. He saw here - . Very pleased Americans idea.
And as a third option - my own idea, about which I have argued with many friends. Exercise without the jumps. The objectives of all but one condition - you can not jump. The only exception - running, which in theory is also considered a series of jumps from one leg to another. Force on a train takes three times longer than usual, and for the first time very unusual. However, when the learn to be a very significant increase in smoothness.
Today all. Trains, improvises, offering its ways;)
P. S. Healthy criticism and appropriate questions on the topic are welcome.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    December 13, 2009 at 12:03 AM

    So many words =) but interesting stuff)

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