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World in which we live can be characterized as «world-acceleration». This constant change of priorities and values, is continuing movement in the social, economic, political, spiritual, cultural and other spheres of human life. Acceleration is easy to notice in the external manifestations. For example, two and a half thousand years ago the ancient Greeks welcomed one another chant cheerful cries of «Rejoice» or «Hello!». These were the meanings of expression, bearing a specific desire, they are pronounced consciously, in the sense that he welcomed the sake of making their wishes. After 2500, thousands of years, it is now, we can observe only the mechanical «Hi» or «Zdarova». Our greetings to rapidly and completely lost its meaning. It does not carry anything valuable in itself, it is now just words that have become automatic. Also, the total acceleration can be seen on the example of creating a new kind of power «fast food», that in a literal translation from the English language means «fast food». The term adjusted to the acceleration of the world. Our food was transferred to the «eat and run more» or «eat and run». However, the phenomenon of acceleration evident in other spheres of life. This rhythm can be explained by anything: the struggle for survival or the desire for power. People hurry and hurry, they are moving faster than yourself, that is, faster than they can. In what sense is, you ask? The fact that people manage to fly to the moon and come closer to the secrets of the early universe, not once plainly with himself. His inner world is at a lower level than the level of technological development. For the evolution of our consciousness of the development of technology has far too quickly. In addition, it suppresses the development of the spiritual. The core of its mass, the level of development of consciousness, human beings can be called basic. The technology also is at a much higher level. The developed technology, created and realized, note the scientists, not people in general, destroy the need for spirituality and inner searching.
But what, the same place in the «world-acceleration» took Parkour? In the title of the article, you can see the floor reflection - a concept which refers to treatment on the subject himself, to his knowledge or to their own state, but in this context the word precisely express as «effective self». So, on the basis of the above reasons, as well as a speculative look at the world, we can conclude that Parkour is, how would the world reaction to his constant acceleration. In this sense, Parkour course, it does not appear then, two and a half thousand years ago, his appearance had at this time, it follows that it has become necessary and was not simply invented or coined a couple of people who - some all the same, sooner or later would open up an art of body and spirit. Therefore, you need to understand what Parkour is a more complex exercise than it seems at first glance. This is not just physical training, only to improve the bodily condition. Parkur able to help people learn to live in an accelerated world. This applies not only to the perceived ability of a rapid and efficient movement, which, of course, develops Parkour, but also to new opportunities thinking.
Consciousness tracer different from human consciousness is not familiar with Parkour because tracer should have accelerated consciousness, that is, thinking in movement. All the mental processes of «an expedited motion» pass differently than in the normal traffic. To cite an example (in order to better understand it): try to focus on certain thoughts, while constantly moving, and overcoming various obstacles. I guess it does not show you an easy task because the human mind is not accustomed to such a mode of existence, koim lives tracer. Developing ability to think acceleration is not just important but essential to modern homo sapiens. Parkur in this sense, a great assistant, dealing with them, you can develop this ability to fast-track way of thinking, learn to keep pace with the speed of the world. This skill comes in and develops long-term training, it is speculative, but realistic.
As already noted above - Parkour can be understood as a reaction to the world its own accelerating development. And tracer here - a person who speaks it the ability to understand and be able to accelerate [its] use, is not yielding its negative impact. If you want to understand - should reflect. That is to include their thinking, their logic. Do not be afraid do not know - do not be afraid to want to know.
In this article I would like to draw attention to the fact that Parkour is able to help people develop their level of consciousness, thought and reason as a whole. Though it is difficult for a task that requires enormous labor and constant creative self, but other cultures, conceived in the street, or any extreme sports, about the same age Parkour or younger have the internal capabilities? I think not. In the main feature Parkour - it is not just a new one about the time he was new as a phenomenon that can change people for the better not only physically but also spiritually.
At this time, some individual tracermi from various countries, together with psychologists, physicians and philosophers prepares work whose main objective is to show that Parkour skills can be developed not only through physical training, but also with the help of thinking of the mind. Result of work will be submitted by late summer 2009. Try to publish them on this site.

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