B13: Ultimatum In Russia show in September

District 13

District 13: such an ultimatum will be in a large office of Russian Federation. For translation and rolled the painting meets the holding Leopolis. Since February 2009, many have watched the movie on their computer with subtitles one voice or unprofessional services. Why we got such a delay with the localization - is unclear. Personally, I was quite confident that the continuation of the 13th District and will remain on torrent-tracker, and quietly put up with this idea.

Let me remind you of what the movie:
In the earlier part of the police captain Damien paired with a resident of neighborhood cats, representing the interests of other slum dwellers, do not give the Government to wipe the area with the face of the earth. The film ends on what the government promises to tear down the wall separating the block of civilization, to ensure people's jobs and decent lives.
13 quarter. Two years later. The wall that separates disadvantaged areas from the rest of Paris, as was well worth it. Some people are satisfied with the provocation - in the middle of the night quarter-blank shot two police officers. The government has once again taken the decision - to stop this chaos and destruction of the quarter. Police Captain Damien in the monkey put on a false charge of drug trafficking. Realizing that «their» do not have to wait for justice, the captain appealed for help to his old friend cats. Now they are once again unite their efforts to save Paris from chaos. In the process of the heroes of its own investigation it becomes clear that the idea to wipe off the quarter - a consequence of mercantile interests of big construction corporation. The murder of two policemen in the neighborhood - it is their hands cause. As in the first part of the audience waiting chase, shooting, stuntman`s tricks and fictional battles.
Information Leopolis

An interesting fact is translation movie. District 13 votes will be rap singers Russia: Basta, The Banderos Team of Batista and Timati. Perhaps a gansta-rapers the United States as something tied to the urban utopia District 13, where their practices are rampant, and concepts. About the image of Russian hip-hop culture is not going to speculate, although the vote the first two artists is quite cool.

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