Subcultures-fresh: "Tracers"

Special Friday and draft Dashi Sarkisian journalist and photographer Ksenia Kolesnikova "Subcultures-fresh» about ten representatives of the latest trends - unlike, strange, but quite convincing. Industrialschiki, fashion, nyuskul emo, emo oldskul, steal, fashion-hop, hipsters, and fruts chavy. The hero of the second series - Alex tracer.
Alex Chigretsky, 21, a student MPGU, project manager ParkourCreation:
- Parkour - the art of rational move. This ability to instantly assess the situation. This is to overcome its borders, not only in training but also in life. Each lesson - it is self-improvement, both physical and moral.
I can not say exactly why parkour has appeared just now. In my opinion, in the 1970's, for example, the main thing that agitate the minds - music. In the late 1990's and now? Sports, Youth and extreme. And parkour just turned on the wave. He became more popular and because of the fact that here no matter how much you earn: we do not need expensive equipment or machinery. In the community of tracers can be 13-year-old boy, who grew up in a poor area, and 30-year-old businessman, who has several million euros in a Swiss bank. They will communicate on equal terms. Moreover, they will be part of one team, and it is quite possible that the teenager will train 30-year-old uncle.
Parkour - a team discipline. Virtually any tracer is in a group of like-minded, and only a few prefer to do and exist separately from the rest. Often the tracers out of training and more friends, so often walk together, go to concerts and cinema.
Women in parkour - a relatively rare phenomenon, but they are. Most of them are involved in parkour as a sort of fitness, to maintain shape. Only those classes much more interesting and varied than in conventional gyms. There are girls who are passionate about parkour seriously, regularly trained and have good skills, but to meet a real girl-tracer is practically impossible.
One of the main rules of Parkour: to be strong to be useful. Need a firm, unshakable belief that all team members come to help in any situation. Tracers can be useful for society as a whole. Now the ideal image of the person involved in parkour - free is a romantic, a kind of Robin Hood, for which there are no borders and movement, and in everyday affairs, which is free, but at the same time, sensitive and willing to help. Such values of Parkour - from its founder, David Belle, whose father was a fireman and had a lot of awards for his exploits in the rescue operations.
But not only is influenced by the principles of parkour. "The Art of rational move, many borrowed from the" natural method ", developed by a French naval officer, George Herbert. He traveled the world, and being delighted with the plastics and skills of movement of an African tribe, has developed a "natural method", based on rock-climbing, running, coordination, weight lifting, swimming and jumping.
Subculture tracers appeared slightly later than the emergence of the parkour. In 1997, David Bell first appeared on French television screens in a small fragment of reportage. The founder of parkour talked about his "invention", and also demonstrated it in practice. This had the effect of the bomb. Parkour was first known in Europe and then worldwide. At that time, David Belle, Sebastien Foucan and their friends founded the first team under the name "Ямакаси", which translated from one of the languages of the Congo means "strong in body and spirit." Hard to say, would be parkour is, if Belle and Foucan did not come up with. But certainly something like this would arise, because this is a great output of energy and is very "catchy" hobby. In addition, a Jackie Chan, and parkour, perhaps, could appear on his movements.
We can assume that in Russia began with the opening parkour website team The Tracers (October 1, 2002). Media contributed to that very quickly caught on, the term "parkurschiki, although tracers did not recognize until now. Because movies about parkour, and the boom in the press on the mass of teenagers poured into the streets, trying to perform without preparation items you want to train for months. Increase in the number of injuries, can often be faced with bullying by such psevdotreyserov. Therefore, by 2007, many who thought that Parkour is related to vandalism and a stupid waste of time. But these tracers never write or paint on the walls. Among those involved in parkour seriously taken to respect others' property. They also do not drink or smoke during training. And rarely have bad habits.
Most tracers can be found in the subway station Prospekt Vernadskogo "," Chertanovskaya, ALEKSEEVSK, "Kon'kovo", "Sparrow Hills" and "Frunzenskaya. But in other parts of tracers also train - where there is no marble, tile: for our classes is very poor coverage.
In parkour there is no list of compulsory movements, such as in the gym. When the tracer is running and before him there is an obstacle, he overcomes his motion so that the most effective in this situation and most of all right for this tracer (in the structure of the body of endurance physical training). Parkour teaches reasonably respond to the difficulties encountered, adequately themselves and their level of physical development. The body should progress smoothly. The idea is to constantly work on quality, rather than on force.
Clothes should contribute to this maximum, to be comfortable, and the label is totally unimportant. Tracers prefer costumes from natural fabrics, not bolonevye. Trousers should be very free, so they were easy to jump. This habit extends to everyday clothing. All this can be bought in any store. My pants, for example, "Decathlon". Someone buys Reebok or Nike, but there they are quite expensive, sorry to spoil them in training. And because we're falling, smearing, we can catch up on something. In the summer we sometimes train in shorts.
Tracers are often robes with a hood, because it's convenient. Especially if during training the rain. When it was 5, has to wear a hat: in the process of sweating head loses a lot of moisture, and to engage in such a temperature is definitely cold.
Backpack should not hinder the passage of the route, so it is usually flat, no extra pockets, locks and laces. It put only the most necessary things: money, phone, travel by subway and keys. Find a backpack is not easy, but if you search, then almost every known brands you find the correct model. Mine, for example, the company New Balance.
Sneakers we wear the usual cross-country: they better start from the walls, jump, climb and, of course, to run. Some tracers deal of fighting in sneakers or bare feet. Most democratic model for the price of sneakers manufactured by Kalenji. They cost only 500 rubles, and can hold about three months.
Each tracer as a bright personality, likely will have its own chip feature. We love interesting hairstyles. This can be dreadlocks or pigtail. Tracers are creative people often make videos of Parkour. Usually the elements are removed from multiple takes. Keep up with tracers, to film the passage of the entire course, the outsider could not. Exit - this portable camera, like me. It is available through, for example. Designed specifically for athletes. A recording device I put in a backpack. Interesting moments sometimes spread on Passage route usually takes 4-5 minutes, which consume more power than the dimensions of a two-hour workout.
Most movies are accompanied by some dynamic music, the choice depends on the editor. If you share a very rude, cutting off individual tastes in music hobbies tracers can be divided into three areas, two of which relate to the protest, freedom (rap and punk), and one - with adrenaline (electronic music). Sometimes tracers train with the player. But when, for example, is set to jump, and track changes, it knocks - and in parkour everything should be in harmony, it's more than the ability to move correctly.

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