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To the question «How you train spend?» Can provide a large number of responses. You can walk all day on a fence, real-balance. You can hold a whole day at the horizontal bar, trying to make the maximum amount of output power for one approach. You can jump over one rail five different ways and do so for a long time in order to improve the technical arsenal. Continue this series of examples can be long: strength, endurance, coordination, speed, PFD, etc. But now want to talk about Parkour game, the method of training.
PC gamers and PS3 fans can relax. These releases, as the Mirror's Edge, or Assassin's Creed today will not be affected.
A striking example of the use of focus in his game training video shown at the French. It was captured by the project Behind The Jump from Parkour Generations. The aim of the three tracers been through 5 hops to pass on the five cross without using their hands and did not come to earth. If dropped, no matter at what location - at the beginning or end, it is necessary to start anew. It seemed that the rules are very simple, but not everyone can perform this exercise the first time, provided that there is a cross between some other obstacles. Watch the video to not be verbose.

Stephane Vigroux correctly observed that, when jumping on the accuracy, even for a limited plane (cross), you will need a good concentration on the object to which you're going to jump. The availability of tracers, your team or just friends, one way or another, you are distracted, not necessarily the words or jokes. This is confusing, relaxes the mind and affect the result.
We want to raise the topic of the competition. The Parkour game, in this case, does not imply competition. In a friendly atmosphere, in the presence of certain conditions, each of the participants showed their ability to use the marked limitations in favor of the result, ie in spite of the framework, you still dobeshsya the desired result. To be so in the 15th attempt or the third, a positive result - this is when you deal with the problem, not oriented to time and speed. Although the last two qualities will come with practice.
What other variations of the game you can think of? Immediately to mind comes «lesenka», or the so-called «dobavlyalki». I can not say that, but many in high school played in lesenku to pull on the breaks in the gym. For those who are spared this fun, tell the meaning. Participants in turn pull on the crossbar. First once, then 2, then three and so on. When, for example, prior to 10 times more members to perform pull decreasing, ie to 9, and 8 and to the unit. Those who will surrender at any stage left. It can be repeated several times until your hands do not fall off. I know a fellow who, in their spare time and now. But let us return to the topic. In Parkour is fun, too applicable. For example, the same leaps in accuracy: First, you can increase the number or length, and then decrease, while the direction of the next jump is limited to only a place for training.
«Dobavlyalki», in my experience, came from the trampolines. They perform various kinds pirouette on the trampoline and the next adds to the element preceding something. Those who will not be able to repeat any part of a series of flies, and when only one - everything starts from scratch. With respect to the Parkour «dobavlyalki» can be used for all tracks treyserami who participate in the process.
If «Lesenka» focuses on the concentration, technique and concentration, the «dobavlyalki» influence on creative thinking. Each of us in the head has its own set of elements and ways to overcome obstacles, look at things, so at the same place we are training all look in different ways. If you made after the Monkey element Reverse, your friend sees the next step Speed. And you have to adjust technically in this connection, but you are looking for a creative continuation of the road, because, perhaps, before you this is not considered.
So, gather friends and invent Parkour game, record and analyze the progress his training. If you have your gameplay with your friends or without them - to share, will be interesting to read

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