Tutorial ex."Push-Up-Frog"

Today, I would like to tell a rather interesting exercise, which I think is included in the warm-up before each training. Personally, my name for a Push-up Frog, but I can not argue that he has not previously served. For simplicity, the description of a couple of pictures spread, focusing on who will orientate on. 

Position 1. (Lying Support)

Push-Up Frog
 Focusing on its elongated hands. Nothing complicated, but it necessarily must take into account a couple of points: 
- Keep the body straight, pelvis not sag not raised upward. 
- The legs are put on the width of shoulders 
- Hands set perpendicular to the floor, upright, on the width of shoulders 
- Are on the palms, fingers look forward 

Here are the press and the back muscles. Even if you're just going to stand in this position, you will feel the load on the muscle belly, but we did not finish, more fun. Total of 3, the description above is an interim, but important. 

Position 2. (Prone Lying Position) 

Push-Up Frog
Focusing on its chest. We offer a full push-ups to the floor, and measure this posture. Do not forget to keep the body straight. Elbows are close to the torso, the angle of the hands can be either 90 degrees or less, this is dependent on the load on any group of muscles you want to accent attention: the shoulder girdle, chest or tricepses. Remember this and go further. 

Position 3. (Frog)

Push-Up Frog
I have to call that «frog». Of the provisions of 1, bend the legs at the knees so that the lower leg and back are parallel to the floor. The palms should not go either forward or back, and stand at the same point. Pull head up to the back really receives the load. In such a situation try to reach back, keep your hands straight. In addition to working muscles of the hips back, ankle and knee ligaments, as well as the wrist-hand. 

As you can see the first two provisions of this Push-Up. The very exercise of which I began the conversation is alternation of these provisions, but ... Allowed transitions: 
(1 - 2), (1 - 3), (2 - 3), (2 - 1), (3 - 1), but not (3 - 2)!
Rotate wishes as you can, but the after five repetitions of each of the fixed posture for 5-10 seconds to get the proper muscle strain. Implementation of Push-up Frog is necessary to heat these groups of muscles, but no more. Exercise is effective, when you're perspire heavily. 
If someone seems easy, do not try to keep their hands on the width of the shoulders, and reduce the hand to each other ... Probably going to fall :Р

So funny, I practice. Try to tell me your opinion, very interesting.

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