Lost part of Parkour

Maxim yesterday made me think about the changes the minds of modern Russian tracers . Below I present the progress of his thoughts and facts that really have a place to be. I think this story will see mainly those engaged in year two, and those who started their own, without any help or support. Do not leave unattended, write their comments - whether it agrees with your beliefs and feel whether you are discussing the changes? 

What about Parkour, and so much changed in Russia for some 3 years? It seems that all is proceeding more or less well: there are people with experience that they can deliver, the programs and methods of training, people start deliberately for their development, there are high-quality videos which shows a good technique of displacement. But what we lost during this period? 
I think we stopped to see the romance in Parkour. That pulled us into an art originally. Remember your first few months of training - this is excitement in the mind with only one thought on the train, remember how you stood to train early in the morning before classes or how you until late in the night train. It was a pleasure after a good practice to sit somewhere on the roof and talk. Just sit and enjoy. Now, this part of Parkour somewhere has disappeared. The Spirit of Parkour gone away and it took a dry materialism. People were trained to obtain legal relief from becoming only once and then, after these exercises stronger, faster, better. Ceased to receive pleasure from the exercises, each performed movement. All work created by a pattern and practice plans. I do not want to say that this has only harm, but it makes the training process in the monotonous repetition of the same movements. Training plan is needed because the only systematic training will yield results, but must be dry to work legally in the scheme of your notebook - use your imagination. A large number of video clips of Parkour around the world helped to rally and unite treyserov from all over the world, but at the same time, people have stopped to think - they just repeat that seen in other people's skates. This is bad. This slows down for you. You become trapped in her mind. As long as people whom you see in the video are developing - you topchetes in one place. 
I think we lost the romance disappears and the spark that lit the first time and for this reason many of us leave Parkour - is that we have very serious task to perform. Serious challenges for understanding beyond our mind. It is difficult to realize a large amount, but we find it hard to understand that we are moving to the big goals in small steps. Hence, many dropped out of Parkour, thinking that it is not developing. To remedy this, I would advise to create a goal of «global», that is, those that you want to accomplish in 1-2 years and the goal of «daily», that is the goal that you must seek every day. By setting small goals every day and doing them - you get satisfaction from the work done and of knowing that today you have become a bit better than had been before. It instills self-confidence and improves your self-esteem. Every day, small goals are summed up in one big - «global» goal. I think that is a good way to development.
Parkour - these are three factors: the desire to grow, the desire to help others, and romance. Remove any of the factors and this will be no Parkour. Live, grow, help others get the pleasure of movement, of development and smiling =) 
I am pleased if someone read the entire text, although it is quite small. I would be happy to see a lot of other people's opinions on this matter. 

Author: Maxim Akella Scherbovskih

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