Russian Parkour Movies (part 2)

The second movie about Parkour filmed in Russia became movie "The Defiant days" screened in 2007. He attracted big attention in the Russian Parkour community, and despite the slightly experienced game artists, and comicality some scene was one of the most loved films.

Subject: The resort town on the Black Sea, is a happy, how can. Skateboarding, motofristayl, Parkour, and, of course, love. As a hot summer day during tracer`s attacks Ignat acquainted with the beginning singer Linoy. They meet and fall in love.
Everything would be fine, but once Lina becomes a witness a crime was held hostage by bandits. Help can come only Ignat. For Lina, he is ready to go at all, even in the unprecedented fraud...

Just cheerful youth film. If you look at it deeper meaning, it is possible to find and clean theme of love and true friendship, and the brutality of the world in general and the world of show business in particular, but a lot more ... But, in my opinion, "The Defiant days" that is not the main, this all forget immediately after crossing the threshold of cinema, but nice tricks, mad race, funny, and not bloody fighting remain in my memory, resulting in only positive emotions.
So what that the perpetrators of the main roles - young actors? For their mission, they surfactants for «excellent», a new person just added a sincerity in all the narration.

When I showed one of the action scenes, the movie, I thought that this is a new video clip of David Bell, for many was impressive Parkour of main character.

PS: This film can be viewed online here.

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