Girls in Parkour

March 8 - International Women's Day. In this regard, all the shops filled with men, to please his half, mother, grandmother or sister, all the turmoil around our women. As it is not surprising in this festive period, the Internet is a great number of articles, discussions, notes, blogs devoted to girls, in which the Parkour community is not behind. 
Multiple sites of foreign and Russian Parkour-teams and forums have announced various seminars with the participation of very young women or girls, in this day ladies decided to pose some Parkour videos with their participation, and in general, the girls themselves chose show, what is Parkour. 

And what about Parkour for girls? 

There is a trend that 80% of girls came in Parkour, the discipline is not much interested. It already includes a hunt for beautiful males - guys with a good constitution, popular in the gathering, with the authority through their experience and skills in Parkour. 
Others, about 10% do not know why they came to Parkour. This section of the female logic - try, but suddenly that out? Samples such as produced, but it is annoying to them quickly and go - surrender, who earlier, who later - the result of one. 

Yes, the girls more difficult - this is undeniable. Here what matters is not that they are naturally weaker than men, and there is a psychological background. Girls harder to gather the forces and ideas, not something to come to the training of skilled tracers, and in general to start something themselves, without any help. The eternal struggle of women for a place in the sun also plays many important roles. Throughout the development of humanity as it was women who are physically able to really make a man competition? No, they were, but still - a man is first and far ahead. 

Those units who did perceive Parkour not only as a gathering of beautiful boys, but also see in this discipline of real value for themselves - are the same 10% that I have not taken into account. I do not know why he is easier to overcome his fear of the accuracy of 2 meters, why it helps to make a monkey, or speed, than other girls ... There are already depends on the personality of its impact, of trying something achieve and prove ourselves first and foremost and not others, to which she is capable. And in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and in other cities there are girls who are much talented young people and some of Parkour can show more than ambitious young that kill their feet clumsy somersault. 

Difficult to find a good video material to back up their words with the evidence, but I have this video :)

But first, a small notch out of interview:

Яна Волкова, Москва
«To me, Parkour - not only overcome the obstacles, but also themselves, their own fears. I watched the film Besson has found people who Parkour in Moscow, met to try and understand that it is - mine. You like to return to childhood, to climb on garages, roofs, fences. In practice, we mash the whole body, and then develops the elements. To get somewhere, we need strong arms, legs, good press. In total, probably in Parkour 20 girls, not more. The kids, of course, easier, and they are durable, and faster, but also foolish - for women to better-developed instinct for self-preservation. I can jump from roof to roof, but why? Sometimes tracers problems with the protection of residents and homes, but we are not doing anything wrong. Life, at least we are not boring: the freedom and adrenaline»

A small video about russian girl which is fond of Parkour.

As you can read the blog tracer-girls (but only in Russian).

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  1. Tatontino Says:
    December 13, 2009 at 1:43 AM

    beautiful girl!))

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