Russian Parkour Movies (part 1)

The first Russian film about Parkour - "Broken rhythm/Ломаный ритм", was released in 2006. It take St. Piterburg team the "Parkour Band", they take it in his home town with the support of "VF-Stuntman Films".

Genre: Drama, Action. Duration of the film - 98 minutes.

Subject: "Big City. It is necessary to survive. Someone with twelve years of driving, someone to the seven years already knows what will be the manager... and they all know the city better, and how it moved." "He is a stranger among his. Its purpose - to revenge. Who will die anyway, the price of whose lives will be executed task. They are ruled by vengeance." "The Sea, Pump, Igor and Bullfinch - old friends. After graduating from school, toss all of life. Who learn more, who work, who are served. Fate brings them together again ... ... For someone in the last time."

Opinion of tracer:

As for the movie as a whole, everything is super, I was pleased. In the end, even moved a little. The plot is good, well-filmed. When choosing between two Russian Parkour film "Defiant Days/Дерзкие дни" and "Broken rhythm/Ломаный ритм"", I would choose a second, so there are more live and done something ... You can to live in the movie...

PS: This film can be viewed online here.

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  1. mathilda murray says:
    October 9, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    thanks for this movie recommendation - I will try to get it/watch it somewhere. Meanwhile you should also check out this parkour article:
    let me know if you liked it, then I can send some more cool links & hints !

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