The relationship in Parkour


Several times I had collide with a not very pleasant situation on the train, but first the background. Initially, when Parkour has appeared in St. Petersburg, all of those involved - have always been responsive, helped each other and supported. This applies not only to St. Petersburg, but all was well. Just so states philosophy because Parkour community, it was easier to grow and move forward, agree together is always easier.

The post is dedicated to those people that make all the contrary. The most unpleasant, that the recent such incident was repeated during a training block for beginners PKSPA. Naturally, it comes to training different people - different ages, growth, sex and physical training. But in practice, all are equal. And I find it intolerable to voice any criticism to any of the train, if that something does not work. It is a negative criticism, i.e, point person on its weaknesses or inability to perform one or another element. There is no way that the first time get everything without error and shortcomings, and if it is, in individual cases.

Turning to the beginners in Parkour, I would like to give a little advice. Provided that you are recently engaged, and your progress may not be the most memorable - not upset, and even more envious to other people who can learn quickly. Also, do not focus on others successes and not be aloud to say what you think - it might hurt another person because of his shyness and insecurity.

Why such a question was raised? Among tracers always prevailed understanding and responsiveness. At any training session, we help each other, which raises the motivation and we believe more in themselves. Naturally, it does not all have the strength and courage to come to tracers on the street or come to the first training session in the gym. Originally, we all overcomed fear of first meeting and the first attempt to do something, but all this is happening in different ways. A superfluous word, may disqualify the person from chosen case, to deprive of confidence in themselves and throw Parkour immediately, though perhaps he just needed a little more time.

The moral of this story is: Do not judge, do not be judged.

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