Parkour Videos: Oleg Vorslav

Another killing Oleg`s video, here he is showing a new level of tracer`s opportunity.

F**k, as if the legend has returned once again, feel again newbie. How that time returned to their places, as we have admired "Dvinsk clans" and was not stupid separation a-la Freerun - Parkour...

That's the level of... 
Comments will probably superfluous need to see this
I will say only that Oleg did not lose time in vain 

EPT !!!!! It IS possible to do???!!! This must be so f! Blin, never thought he could reach such a level! This full-scribe general f!

It`s not real... In the course of a new era of Parkour...

PS: If you want see more Olegs`s videos, you can find it in his personal page in YouTube.

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