Motivation in Parkour

Very interesting topic to discuss, in my opinion. Because each of us sooner or later reflect on the question «Why do I need all this?». Indeed, no motivation, we do not go to work, we do not learn, we do not exist. Each lesson, which we are interested in who we want to engage in, contribute to or distribute further has its own motivation, it is logical. Today, we Ilya Chernykh CHiB decided to take the courage and motivation to write options that are intended for practicing Parkour.

Introduction to developing a new youth movement.
In our world many hobbies: someone chooses a sport, other travel, any literature. In order to live in the rhythm and keep abreast of modern trends why not try? I think mainly to the «category» include middle-aged people who are not yet old, but young people do not call. To look more modern, so-called «to cut chip», they are trained to the more experienced tracers. Perhaps their long delay, and perhaps throw in the mind of its unpromising.

Another example could be searching for new friends and interesting people. Any activity for people and Parkour, in this case is no exception. Real-tracers in any company, you always meet someone who is not merely beautiful or tecnical moving, but very interesting man. Teams, I think, well established.

In healthy to healthy spirit.
There are people who need a shake or a positive mood. Among the wealthy people it could be yoga, but for those who exercise helps to keep himself in hand, to combat stress and increase self - discipline such as Parkour is more than enough.

Physical development.
Fitness - this glamor, which imposes America and Europe. For people who want to look good, Parkour - an ideal tool because of its specificity. In doing Parkour, the physical preparation of «natural», ie the muscles develop naturally, through loads of movement. Press, muscle arms, back - you can list a long time. Take a look at Daniel Ilabaca - its not a shred of excess volume of muscles - all his.

Look for another way to the city and its architecture
The immediate place for practicing Parkour is a city ... in most cases. Real-or at another new house at the times of Stalin's stock begins to perceive the surrounding things differently. Idea city very different - pick parapets, cross, various combinations of concrete and iron. The very movement across this beauty attracts, it has its own romance.

Get rid of the physical constraints of the city.
In every city you need to orient, to know where you are going not only on the map, but also to represent the terrain. Sometimes, the planned asphalt repair or restoration of the house forced to seek indirection, but doing Parkour, you can go straight, not looking beaten track. All that stands in the way you did not seem insurmountable, you can fly over the fence and you're afraid of heights less than if you do not own Parkour skills. It is useful to be able to get out of situations, spending less time on your walk.

Yes, sometimes the desire to show themselves - is disastrous for Parkour. This occurs when a discipline represents something significant, so - that's cool. On the other hand, the realization of their ideas, the transfer of its experiences to other treyseram much important for the development as a whole. The same writing articles and notes in this blog - a sort of my self. I like it, I want to write about Parkour more - I was attracted. And if people read, so interesting to them, then their view is similar to my and we can all discuss.
Show a means not only to show off. By placing your Parkour videos on the network, people share their achievements, their experiences - what they have achieved on its way. Perhaps, and this will be useful to someone.

Expand your possibilities
For some people, it is important to prove to yourself that you can that you are no worse than others and you are able to do more than you think. It is moving towards self-regulation of new goals and objectives of Parkour can be a great way to work on them. Also, his training can be positioned as something positive, then - what brings you pleasure and both benefit.

Opinion of tracer
Victor Klimov baklajan, St. Petersburg
Each has its own motivation tracer in Parkour. Some - this show, the other - a way of life. For me, it's rather a way of life. I do not have clearly defined objectives, I just do what I like. Parkur - it is a good way to keep yourself in shape, make new friends. Just Parkour - a fight with them to overcome fear. Rather, I have driven by the desire to self, because with every exercise, I become stronger not only physically but also morally. After some of the elements begin to truly appreciate life ;)

Work on the motivation you need. If it does not, there is no reason to continue classes. Everyone should understand what and why he was doing. Experiment with drawing up this list of dangerous, and I'm afraid to call the note of outrage among readers. But nevertheless, I do not impose their views, and express it the way I see. And what motivated you?

Author: Dmitry Shihanov
Contributor: Ilya Chernykh

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