Parkour - how to start?

how to parkourThe most frequent question among those people who are just beginning to engage in Parkour. In principle, the response of all three: to start training myself, training with experienced tracers or organization, or throw and not starting. The last option we have today will not affect, but the first two look in more detail. 
So Parkour - is the art of overcoming obstacles due to the physical skills of rights, which he acquires during life or training process, immediately after the consultation with the discipline. Remember to teach you, no one will be starting all of your future - this is the result of perceived your information from the Internet or a more experienced of tracers applied in practice. You can not teach Parkour, Parkour can be learned, based on the opinions and advice of those who engage in them a long time and are behind some experience. I'm not talking about myself specifically, I can do Parkour, but rely on my opinion, as not only correct - you appear to be their own, and understand what is Parkour, try for yourself. 

Where should you start? Start by getting acquainted with the history of Parkour and its definition. Agree to do what he did not mean stupid. Quite often I meet people who can not answer the simple question: «What is Parkour?» Lost or something to answer. The only thing I would like to point out that Parkour is not acrobatics. Yes, tracers using acrobatic elements, some of them prevail, but tracers their already difficult to identify. Parkour a powerful movement, which in most cases, used their hands and feet. A tumbling adds efficiency and grace in their actions, and also shows the level of your capabilities and possession of the body as a whole. 
If you start to engage in Parkour, without outside help, as I did not dive in the pool with his head. All shall be gradually from simple to more complex. My first training can be conducted at the school sports fields, some areas in the parks, etc. If the question «What to do-it» - refer to Parkour video, thank goodness for the internet that a lot of good. When viewing videos, you can understand how do this or that element, because visual information is perceived better than writing. 
Incidentally, the articles - are also worth reading. There are a lot of material on Parkour elements, you also can find online. Learn the terminology - it is one and is used worldwide. So you will be easier to navigate in the text when reading or communicating with the Parkour community. Workout for Parkour is not just cramming and development of technology-specific elements, as well as the development of reactions of coordination and endurance. This I write in a separate article. 
Take your physical education. People who have experience in martial arts, gymnastics, athletics or other sports activities that will be given easier - this is understandable. But people who previously did not have anything to do with sports is put into a schedule of their day morning warm-up and a set of power exercises such as push-ups, squatting, press, pull, run, or stretching. 
To achieve any success takes time. Do not upset, if you can not make the monkey jump to 2m or more from their seats. Every body is arranged in different ways, the ability to learn as well. We need will power and impact. 
Not a fact which is not capable of your body. This applies more to children and adolescents from 11 to 16 years. Your passion and attractive attitude is good only if it is rationally allocate their burden. Everyone wants to fly from the roof onto the roof, or that may be interested in staying in an abandoned building, and jump on the Old constructions. No, it teaches Parkour. You must have a head on their shoulders. For a year and a half cases of trauma to children above the age, increased sharply. They fall down on his neck, break arms, legs, you want? Therefore, please be patient. 
If you do lose, there are organizations and teams who share their experience and help newcomers in practice. In St. Petersburg - it On the site you will find detailed information about the training program. 
PKSPA arranges regular training in the sports hall. It all starts with a training unit for new users, further dividing the train through the system, you will engage with people with roughly the same experience. This allows the group to focus on the technology implementation of simple exercises, which are generally large prepare you to move to next level of complexity. 
Subtotal: You can start to engage themselves and learn all the elements of the Internet as of articles and a video of Parkour, to communicate with other tracers their city or their associations. If you prefer learning in conjunction with anyone on the Internet means that you can find the organization or team and will join their training and to learn from them.

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