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In have a wonderful group called "PRO Parkour Against Competition". There, at the moment is 68 people and it is not a bad thing. The point is that this group brings together tracers one worldview Parkour «This Parkour against competition» and that is why its limited range of people, rather than thousands, as can be seen here. Condition in this group, I would like to share the thoughts of one of the Russian tracers about the word «PRO Parkour» and «Against Competition». To me, yes, and in the opinion of other participants in this story should draw the attention of all who care about the development of Parkour in Russia. 


Just to say that the article I'm not going to shed water and shout throughout the throat of all rubbish. I just tell the way I perceive the situation and that, in my opinion, is happening. 
The confrontation began a long time. I think from the very moment when the first followers Boll. People, especially men, are always striving to be better than someone, it is rooted in the genes. But Bell, or anyone else, he explained that Parkour and sports things are incompatible, as the style of each individual of tracer, and we can not say who the best. And like as it obeyed. As happened next, I do not know, but it is not important, only know that Foucan as «forbidden» competition in Freeruning, roughly the same reasons. 
But time passed and the number of their followers increased. Thus, increased and the number of opinions about Parkour and Freeruning. I do not know how in the world, but I know what is happening in Russia, and, starting from this picture, I will talk. 
It has long been more of us came from the west the picture with a green man and the inscription PRO parkour against competition. But as it did not hurt, well, there is. Then it started to enter the weight, but I am sure that most who have now is that the image on the avatars much more like a combination of PRO PARKOUR, as Against competition. And if they really want to fight, or against the competition, you need to act more ambitiously. A few pictures. Yes, our site also have the emblem Against, but it is supported and actions. We did not visit any activities related to competition in Parkour. Again, in our logo, there is no reference to the PRO. But it is all right, so be it. Still, this emblem after all has a real message, which, under the most sense. But, then came a new fashion =) 
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, meets! PRO FREERUN SUPPORTS COMPETITION. This is actually already bust. I do not know who coined it, but certainly not PRO. It is clear that this created, as opposed to Pro Parkour, but it is one dislocation. Founder Freeruning who? Foucan. So, go to his site, you can stumble upon the 
philosophy of Freeruning (and many of its existence did not know). So, there is quite clearly written that Freeruning against the competition. Well, and where the logic? Just so happens that the PRO FreeRun also against competition. Conclusion one. «Clever» in the country to spit on everything. 
Just want to touch a pair of standing issues related to human stupidity. Often you can see the words: «Yeah! David Bell said that does not Acro Parkour, but it twists! »Well? That's right! He does not tell you: «Do not twist Acro», but it only explains what it is. By your logic then it turns out that if you say: «Diving not snowboard» then people said this, if you will be diving, it begins to contradict itself? Never mind, does not it? 
Now again about Devid Belle and pro-commerce Parkour. Do not make good on a PC, and David Belle this violates the philosophy. So? So. Just let us now look at this with his hand. And so. YOU, an adult male. Do you have a wife, child, and you loved all his life devoted to the cause. Beauty? Yes, but there is one problem. For some reason, your family would like to: eat, dress, pay the bills, etc. etc. Option one. To earn money. But there is a problem. You left school some time in 15 years, and higher education you do not have too. What other options? Fire? I do not know how they are paid in France, but I think not very much. About! Exactly. We are engaged Parkour half of ours life ! Why not show Parkour in movies? More people know about it, and the family will fed.
Normal? Normal. That's all. Everything is simple.

Ярослав baRu Макаров

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  1. JekiJo Says:
    December 17, 2009 at 1:57 PM

    Parkour forever! :D

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