Parkour Creation - An open day

Parkour Creation - An open day

On Saturday, January 17, 2009, in Moscow took place the opening of the training program of the new organization experienced in Moscow treyserov Parkour Creation. Boom in front of the event in Moscow was great, and therefore want this event to dedicate to him a detailed review.

For institutions traditions «we are not late» already 17:45 pm in the center of the room south-west there was a crowd, even though it was only the beginning of 18:40! Together, this very crowd of about 150 people moved to 18:15 from the subway. We were walking on foot, had the benefit of people who know the way to the hall. Generally, you must pay to exercise, today, I saw probably the largest number of friends and acquaintances over the last season, as well as many of those who wanted to meet and talk. Malets lost in the crowd, I went and listened to talks about what people gathered in the head ... and settled suspicion. But more of that later.

The road from the subway to the room took nearly 20 minutes. In general, there is also a bus, but because of the size it was decided to walk. The building had once, and hit inside, no complications have arisen. Inside the confusion started small - someone immediately lomanul at the buffet, someone in the locker room, someone just myalsya among the crowd, as well as being nominated for the start time has not yet arrived. Gradually suit delayed, people falling onto the eye Organizers completing preparations for the seminar were zasvecheny couple blocks from the arsenal of equipment. Also I would like to note the presence at the seminar many acrobats, while the event was clearly the other way. The purpose of their visit remains a mystery to me =).

"There was a time of assignation, but obviously due to some problems with organization, people continued to stand in the hallway. 15 minutes later Alex Xcid Chigretsky and had invited all in the locker room. It was terribly close, as people, as I wrote earlier, it was nemereno. Pereodevshis, we climbed up to the door of the room. There was a delay.

When finally all admitted to the hall, the clock was about 19:30. Seeing the design, namely, goat, wood, timber, construction for akkurasi of the two logs and mats, and a trapezoidal cube cube increases, I clearly remembered the video from the floor, the British Academy of Parkour "
Parkour Generations", really was like. As usual, not without irony, since the introduction by the warm-up began. Warm up the long, careful, familiar to all those who attended earlier training Parkur seminars. I note that this time it was added exercise Push-up Frog, invented by Dmitry Shihanovym;). After all favorite push-ups until the elbows Alexei nicely hinted that he was all out a =) (generally, all the event was a bit theatrical).
At the hastily hang the screen, all took place and the light went out. Begins presentation of the video from St. Petersburg. Are closely watched, with interest.
And now, movie ended. Alex explained the features of the training program, and then what they will teach. The focus of the program, as I understand it, is not the standard training vaultam, but on the perception of the discipline of its foundations, which many miss. Namely, the coordination, physical training, a sense of feeling of space through sound. But for some reason it seemed to me that to understand this is not all. Announced time for questions. It began and frustration.

First, it turned out that the construction on that day will not be allowed because too many people, but safety is room for up to 50 people. This upset many, most expect that will poprygat after a heavy warm.

Secondly, the prices were quite high:
- 350 rubles for a single visit;
- 300 rubles per visit with purchase of ticket for a month;
- 250 rubles for the purchase of subscription for six months.

People did not expect such high prices, but this is understandable - Room for rent during the crisis case, to put it mildly, is not simple.

Then the question was raised on the street training, whether they will continue, and it turned out, that would be, but are also paid. This is having the people. At this time, the question was over, and with it the seminar. People are pulled out, many people were upset, as were expecting something else. It seemed to me that among the organizers came and left some misunderstanding ... In addition, many frustrated very high prices. In general, the idea of meaning and action can deliver solid top five. But the organization, perhaps on inexperience, alas podkachala = (.

But not so pessimistic, everything in our lives is changing, though, sometimes we do not notice. By the way on the train on the streets, for which Parkour Creation and to love: the posting of a video peryh team to have a
closed forum of The Tracers, Oleg "Red" Krasnyansky wrote:

Well done lads. What do you, where little practiced in Russia

What's true is true. Comments?

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