Parkour - Music of the body

Proposed to publish the following article Arsenii "Heretic" Sermyagin, tracer from Moscow. Parkour Arsenii decided to compare with the music and get quite interesting. The author managed to draw attention to the problem of misperceptions Parkour, as the movement from point A to point B. The movement of Parkour must be bound, without unnecessary movements and even more so should not end after the next obstacle. For example, a musical melody you can understand this.

What is music? What is Parkour? As there is a set of sounds, known as music? Why exactly this set of sounds sounds beautiful falls on the ear, and no other? Why if people would just try to jump from a height of more, so give a pull at his hands in the performance of the element stronger, but that he will not be called Parkour? Why all people, regardless of nationality or status in society hero of classical music? Why Parkour attached to people, regardless of what color they are or how much they have money in the wallet? Because music and Parkour correspond man, his structure, his biorhythms, when listening to the same music, we literally overflow of energy, there is an insurmountable desire to dance, while others envelops us like a fog, raises, alert. So it is in no Parkour movements, not peculiar to man, right after classes Parkour people uniformly developed throughout his body and spirit stronger in Parkour involves all muscle groups, and will, the ability to overcome any obstacle, whether it is inside you, or in the world. And Parkour and music - of man.

Humans hear sounds around since ancient times, each sound has its own tone ... sounds can be mistaken for one. Then these people realized that these sounds can be put down the melody, which can be represented as a line. Then we began to lay the melody on each other, we found the most pleasant ear crossing lines, and, subsequently, the music emerged in the form of spheres - all good options for the intersection of direct ear. Thus, music can be represented as a sphere, which, in turn, corresponds to the structure of rights. Now transfer the pattern on the scope of Parkour. The man owns a set of basic body movements that we take for a (sound). These body movements tracer connects to elements - line (melody). Elements, in turn, are combined in bundles, and intersections of the best elements also form the sphere. These spheres: and Parkour, and the music, man has invented, not created ... He has opened for himself what is already there.
When we hear a familiar song on the radio, for example, that one can not help a little, nodding his head or foot knocks in time. Each line of every style, every single composer, leads us to a certain state, passes through the music of certain feelings. Under the hard rock would be strange to look like a ballet, and vice versa - a street fight by Tchaikovsky. Thus, the music, like our body movements, could carry a full range of feelings and emotions. As a composer and singer, and a boxer, dancer or tracer has its own unique style.
In my opinion, the approach of Parkour is very similar to the approach to jazz. In a jazz band all day to chase scale, play a simple classical pieces, and then they go on stage and improvises ... this is not a classic, this is jazz ... they express their feelings, changing and tasuya the knowledge that they have received at rehearsals. Tracer actively uses the experience of gymnastics, oriental arts, rock climbing, but, again, using their imagination. Tracer valid depending on the situation, its own capabilities and goals that it pursues.
If the stage will be guitarist otvratno not getting in rhythm, will join, but at the end of the skip, start playing something else, then no one knows the person does not appreciate the game of the guitarist, even if he brilliantly played the main part. The piece of music, one and inseparable. However, many admire, who saw something only a large radius after Manco ... and it does not matter that he mince with and run because of this, instead of two steps, it is run almost ten meters, which then landed on the full foot with the roar that sognul knees almost completely. Each element in Parkour must perform as a guitar chord - the body must play, run as a trickle.
The style of some «tracers» I can describe only by hardcore ... hardcore - bring something to the absurd, whether it is crazy, making the brain fixated music or killing jumps to huge heights, such Ket-lime, like tracer wants to beat the wall, and not cling to it. Naming smooth movement of people, rational and flowing as it turns ... not the language. This - not Parkour.

Author: Heretic Arsenii Sermyagin

Let's play music with our body, and not mad scamper through the railings and parapets in the streets!

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 3:38 AM

    Oh, very interesting article.

  2. Jenifer J says:
    December 25, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    I luv that music =)

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