Parkour Creation Team

Parkour Creation

I'll start with the background. The first time I saw guys in their first of 8 and 9 November, when they came to St. Petersburg with its series of seminars. Then, talking to Aleykseem Xcid Chigretskim we came to the conclusion that all of their team name can not be, because those exercises that were conducted before the new year were directed to share their knowledge and experience with treyserami different cities. Agreed that the guys who organized it all could have been referred to as «association», no more. With something you can agree, because they held seminars once a week, and before that have met every seven days to train together. On the other hand, it was a clear policy, because we can now confidently say that in Russia there is a new organization dedicated to the development and popularization of Parkour. 

Now, on the composition. By number of famous names, in my opinion, the brightest organization: 

Alexei Xcid Chigretsky (former team of Deviants) 
Michael Yahiko Serezhkin (former team of Deviants) 
Artem Temorf Moskovtsev (Ex-RFA) 
Michael Holod Golikov (article on Parkour, the music, the natural method) 
Konstantin Tabachnik (Ex-The Tracers) 
Cyril tovarish Martyanov 
Alexander Egorov Canabka 

These are what I saw in November. At the moment there is a change in the composition, for example Kostja Tabachnyk is neither a coach nor an organizer. Cyril tovarish too, you ask him why, I do not personally know. A Kanabka in the army, but as a participant of Parkour Creation team included:). What to say about the activities. All seminars were held without pathos, in accessible language, and a qualitative approach. Organizers listened to the comments of small parties and make its findings. After a good warm-up exercises were that useful in practice and can be used always, increasing their performance. Most of the entire training program is very similar to the Parkour Generations. This is seen as a very warm, and some of the technology team member. I used the word team? Yes, now they are. 
Before the new year was a resource on the Internet A quiet, he is filled with information on activities and plans of the organization. I do not know where the name was taken Parkour Creation, but Alexei Borisov Angel suggested the following. Holders of sneakers Kalenji can look under the tab and see the inscription on the label: «Creation». Who knows, maybe the love of comfortable footwear became the beginning of the road in Moscow treyserov in creating something new. 
St. Petersburg is not the only city where people come to their seminars. Before Peter, they had come to Tula, Tver, to conduct several training sessions in Moscow. Some of them were show on video and uploaded to the
channel Parkour Creation on As it turned out later, all of these workshops have been study for everyone, as each new practice in December, attracted more tracers. In the media, Parkur Kreeyshn same time to light up with a good  reportage for the Sports Channel (MSC)
Already in 2009, was declared an open day, which was to be presented at the training program and schedule of further training. In view of organizational activity overlaps deferred several times. As a result, it was held last Saturday, Jan. 17. The fact that there was, you know in the next post, which has prepared Oleg Crane Makhnev. Subscribe to RSS-feed, so as not to miss. 
At the time of writing the material know that Parkour Creation hold 3 trainings per week: two in the hall and one on the street. All the training paid and the price of one visit at 350 rubles. There is a system of subscriptions, but with this you had better read their own website The hall is located in the village Olimpiykoy at:  Art. Metro South West, pr.Olimpiyskoy Village, House 2. You can get the bus number 227 or walk, which takes 20 minutes.

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