Wild Parkour - First book about Parkour

Wild Parkour

On 29 June it became known that the first book about Parkour«Wild Parkour» has been on sale on the shelves of book stores Yekaterinburg. Because, basically, information about Parkour is distributed primarily through the Internet, the idea of the author Serge Petrov about writing such material in an art form was not so monotonous as in the case of conventional publications, and stories about Parkour. Approximately 2 months prior to the release of the book Serge suggested Parkour community to participate in writing the piece and made a contest. To become a main character (s) of Parkour to the Wild on March 25 it was necessary to send an e-mail wildparkour@mail.ru video Parkour performance elements, as well as a small story about yourself. After summarizing the existing book heroes are:

  • Nikita «ExiluSS» Meshkov (Moscow)
  • Igor «QWER-PK» Bekagaev (Gomel)
  • Anton Lanin (Ekaterinburg)

Those who get in the book, as characters, I could not, Serge Petrov proposed to publish a book of interesting sites Parkour-command and his promise kept. Incidentally, in the list and hit blog «Traceur in a big city». I note that no applications, I did not send, and my site was chosen solely at the request of the author's quote:

Do you have a good site - for example, you can make.

for that I say thank you very much, Sergey. List of references in the book is also known, can take a look:
  1. http://urbanspiders.ucoz.ru - command «Urban Spiders», in Orsk
  2. http://fm-pk.ucoz.ru - command «Free Move», Ekaterinburg
  3. http://parkour.perm.ru - Perm Federation Pakura
  4. http://obezbawenue.net.ru - command «Obezbashenye» (a «n»), Ukraine, Simferopol
  5. http://gomelparkour.com - site treyserah Gomel, Belarus
  6. http://parkour.kz - Golovenko «Eglantt» Sergey, Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata
  7. http://parkour.ru
  8. http://parkour-odessa.com - Parkour in Odessa
  9. http://redleg.ucoz.ru - command «Red Leg», Moscow
  10. http://nta-parkour.ucoz.ru - Team Nizhny Tagil
  11. http://spatracers.clan.su - command «SPA» (Semenov Parkour Association), Nizhny Novgorod region, Semenov
  12. http://onemoreday.ru - Community «One More Day»
  13. http://traceur.ru - «Treyser in a big city», St. Petersburg.
I do not know how soon the product get to St. Petersburg, but was even wondering about whom and what it tells, for PR books on the Internet was not feeble.
Smog excavated a small annotation parkour.ru:

Parkur distributed on the planet at a speed of the Internet. Movies «13 district» and «Yamakasi» showed new possibilities for human self. Now, in every yard you can see the guys - hot tracers Parkour.
Today's treyser - a child of the city. His race - this race cvobodnogo rights away any obstacles and fears. He likes the same height and depth. Tracer loves jumping, and, because they give him a sense of mission, and running - because he is ahead of time.
But, sometimes, the treysera things go wrong, as it relied ...

We are waiting.
For its part, would like to add that the idea of the book in my head, too, came. But since the first book written about Parkour, and even published in the near future I will write the electronic version. I would write one chapter a month, but when I start writing it until I can not say exactly. But if you are going to monitor my blog, you'll learn about it first.

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2 Response to "Wild Parkour - First book about Parkour"

  1. 1 Says:
    March 3, 2009 at 12:46 PM

    And this book is in English?

  2. 256 says:
    March 20, 2009 at 1:06 PM

    Yes, i`ll write about it in next post.

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