Parkour-games: Hit Parade

I've been thinking and decided it would be a good idea to make a hit parade of games about parkour. Go tell that to the truth do not pretend, and if someone would submit its own list, would be even better.

1. Mirror's Edge

Well here is useless to argue - game about parkour, traceurs about, so even with such a clean and clear styling metropolis should be on this list first

2. Assassin's Creed

In this game, not quite clearly presented parkour, but that's something that can deftly climb on any building - a fact. But this is so cool - a real virtual free tracer. Yes, and the principle of "pressed the button - and you're a hero" here, the most highly perfected.

3. Prince of Persia 1-4

Much the same can be said, but in a slightly lesser extent. This game has many other features, and parkour is not so obvious, but beautiful and touches. By the way, 4-th part of all physically unrealistic in many ways (such as run on the 4 walls in the room, and do not fall), but still clings, and so that's nice "play" to "fabulous" parkour.

4. Tomb Raider: Legend

There are more reflected climbing mountains, buildings and other structures, as well as acrobatics. But as in the case of the "Prince", is catching and interesting to climb.

5. Free Running

The game about parkour, which presented a lot of elements and races, there is a great character animation and 3D-graphics. But why only 5-th place? The game still a bit damp and a little boring. Perhaps because it had previously been developed for the portable consoles PSP, and now on comp looks a bit strange.

6. Prototype

The game is not just about parkour, but spectacular, light and very powerful movement of the main character of the city still forced to remember about parkour. It is a pity that the show truly "superhuman" abilities.

7. Various flash game about parkour

They are many, to recall the Mirror's Edge 2D. I put them on a 5 place because they just mostly 2D arcade, and look like the same 2D arcade of the last century at the dawn of the era of computer games, then played on a cassette
Plus those that were added parkour elements.

8. Mobile java-game about parkour

And here are the same arcade, but on the phones they look really quite weak. There are certainly interesting exceptions, where there are many elements of parkour, but still - it is little inconvenient arcade toys on the phone.

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