Collection of stories about Parkour

Together, the group «Parkour Philosophy» and writer Eugene Hush was a unique group, collecting the entire RuNet variety of belles-lettres about Parkour. After a long search found a lot of stories and even entire books about Parkour, which, I hope you will soon learn. Of these, we identified in our opinion the best and compiled them into one collection, described as «Parkur - world without borders». It is 7 stories and one novel, combined in one file and stored in different versions of MS Word.V future, we will try to increase the number of formats for reading, including mobile devices. At 82 pages you looked forward to a wonderful world ... a world without borders.
1. Eugene Hush - Pages of the fate
2. Natman Edward - Ghosts
3. Unknown author - Ten seconds of tracer`s life
4. Masha Fly - Late
5. Alexei Ternovoy - Sunbeam
6. Semen Rassohin - Lyric History
7. Alexander Lapshin - branches of life
8. Bogdan Chornovil - Absolute Freedom

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  2. Лия says:
    December 2, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    Very nice, i`m found it!)

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